Is Luca Cerbone the next Giancarlo Gianinni?

October 14, 2021

Actor Luca Cerbone with two of the four international awards for his role in the film IT IS WHAT IT IS

Award Winning, Italian American Actor, Luca Cerbone, has been tagged as the next Giancarlo Gianinni

Call it an instinct. It is something that a true actor is born with, it cannot be taught...(it) could make him the next Giancarlo Giannini of international films.”
— Michele Pagano, Director, SONG OF THE FLY
NEW YORK, USA, October 14, 2021 / -- Luca Cerbone, in August, completed his first feature film, the drama, SONG OF THE FLY. In the film, which has been submitted to the Berlin Film Festival, he plays the lead role of a dual-personality caregiver--caring and loving during he day, murdering those who stand in the way of his disabled client's happiness at night.

"He is a natural," said executive producer Rino Piccolo. "Even if young, there is something about Luca that is haunting. Quiet, ever listening, that comes across on the screen."

An alumni of New York's Mowhawk Valley Community College for Acting and student of the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts for Film and Television, Cerbone had contemplated a acting career in Los Angeles and New York. Covid, however, forced him to return to southern Italy, his homeland. Once here, he was immediately cast in the lead role of IT IS WHAT IT IS, a short film dealing with the global pandemic.

"We were fortunate to get Luca," says producer Michael Sedge. "He added the international flavor and dramatic acting this film required."

IT IS WHAT IT IS went on to win 14 international film festival awards, including four for Luca's performance. These included New York and Los Angeles victories for Best Debut Actor and Best Young Actor.

Cerbone's success lead to his landing the lead role in SONG OF THE FLY which, according to director Michele Pagano, "demonstrates Luca's ability as an actor. There is something instinctive in him, something that directors cannot teach. Call it an instinct. It is something that a true actor is born with, it cannot be taught. Add this to his ice-blue eyes and youthful fascination and you have a winner. The fact that he can work in English and Italian, and has experience in both Europe and the United States, could make him the next Giancarlo Giannini of international films.

For 2022 Cerbone is already contracted for the Italian film, CRYSALIDE, as well as the television series, GUARDIANS OF THE GODS, to be shot in Portugal, and the Italy-USA co-produced children’s series, URCA.

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